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Need a ride? Let us go the extra mile for you!!

We at LS Transports You, LLC provide reliable, safe and stellar transportation services to and from various non emergency medical appointments for ambulatory & Wheelchair patients. (at this time, we are only accepting private pay /self-pay clients)

LS Transports You, LLC offers leisure transportation for adults, elderly, disabled and clients who reside in supportive living facilities or independently. We will take you to your appointment, pharmacy, grocery runs & short errands up to 5 stops. (Private Pay Clients Only)

Reliable, Safe &Timely

Welcome to our site, we are currently servicing Shelby, Fayette,  Marshall and Desoto counties. We hold our communities in our Hearts!

About LS Transports You, LLC 

LS Transports You, LLC is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company servicing Shelby, Fayette and Desoto County. We are a company that prides ourselves on safe, timely and professional transportation and we are committed to going the extra mile for YOU! Our organization is led by Co-Ceo's LaShundra and Latoya who brings you over 20+ years of experience in the healthcare field. They have both witnessed barriers to healthcare due to lack of transportation, extensive wait times after receiving medical care and the lack of timely round-trip options. The need for non-emergency transportation for patients within our community is essential. We want to provide an avenue to ensure patients are able to remain compliant with their medical care. We believe offering reliable Transporation will be the solution needed for a healthier community. 

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